#Should the leader criticise others?

Dear #CEO 

If you can’t manage your ego, self glorification then focus on kindness.

Being a true leader, especially a lean leader, requires humility.
Did it ever occur to you that the greatest lean sensei were full of wisdom kindness, humility thoughtfulness understanding and patience.

why is that, is it not the case we admire them not for their lean process knowledge, but for their personal habits and how they made us feel.

Is it not the case we see the small spec, the stain on the white table cloth and focus on turning this into an opportunity to be critical, to nurture and feed the bad wolf within us!?

Kaizen starts with hansei. Problem solving starts with an analysis of data, facts and behaviours.

Call out the andon when you feel you are about to think, do or say something which does not provide a quality of opportunity in the takt time you have been given in the moment of time.

Lean thinking is more than a science its about you and your relationship with yourself and others.

Why do you think we exceed business expectations, why we achieve meaning and purpose rather than self malevolence and mediocrity management.

Running a team, a business is a quality touchpoint moment, many moments summing up a day of continous improvement.
Standardise your habits as engagement strategy virtues.

Business excellence starts with people developing through problem solving skills which brings quality assurance followed by lead time and profits.

Hope, confidence and faith are good buddies to stick around with.

Leading to Serve – from habits to profits.