#Safety first

Dear #CEO
“How do I improve my #safetyfirst figures?”
“Is it a question of #trainingprograms , #safetyawareness#attitudes or something else?”.
Lets look at it as a problem we can solve through the A3 method.

❌ Safety at work and A3 Problem Solving.
👉 Countless times clients have successfully made major impacts on their safety at work using the A3 problem solving method.
👉 If your safety cross has only green dots, it means you are simply not visualising and reporting a safety culture at work.
👉If your company has a sign saying “360” days no accidents, take it down. Its an afront to the intelligence of the employees on the shop floor. “why?” because its not true and everyone knows it.
👉 There is no such thing as a month with no incidents or near incidents.
👉 One accident is as a result of many incidents (blue dot) not recorded.
👉 Blue dots indicate an awareness of employees that behaviours can lead to an accident.
🍓 All production facilities that employ the Lean Leadership Way Institue method on safety outstrip every plant on safety KPI’s in their group, always.
🍓 I learn’t at Toyota that safety starts as an attitude.

“Become the person you could be not then one you are.
Build the business you want not the one you have”.