#Psychological safety of employees

Dear #CEO
Why the P in SPQDC is so poorly practiced and understood?

P stands for people and so P leads to Q and D quality & delivery.
Consciously or unconsciously many feed their thoughts with the wrong Wolf.

Hold on, I’m getting to the Key Point.
People KPI’s are crucial to business success.

Yes, we know, but psychological safety has lately been a hot topic to wax eloquence and make consulting fees. Eyes down, head lowered.

Yet, it all comes down to one simple truth. Psychological safety of a member is an outcome of how you behave towards the individual, in other words, your habits.

Oh, need to think about that one.

Andon will never work for quality and takt unless members feel there is a reaction process and an engaging and genuine response from their direct line boss. So what does that have in common?

Wax eloquence, right books, become a key note speaker on standard work or lean leadership but if you don’t practice hansei and feed the right wolf business excellence will never materialise.

Who is responsible for psychological safety ?
Everyone, but most importantly You towards yourself and your team.