#Piece work – drawbacks

Dear #CEO,
What are the drawbacks of piece #work, will this lead to the #Titanic effect?
👉 Many companies pay a basic salary and add on piece-work just so that volumes can be achieved. Is this how you manage customer #takt times? But there are many drawbacks.
👉 What they won’t tell you is this;

💪What quality issues result from this form of #management by #carrot and #stick!
💪Are the operators slacking on their #standardwork
💪 What operator machine #maintenancemanagement is being short cut?
💪Are operators using #processmemory over standard work for themselves and for new #onboardingprocess recruits
💪Are your #smed procedures run in accordance to agreed standards
💪 Is your #sales team taking advantage of this and we now have #muda and #muri and #mura!
💪Are you too focused on #OEE
💪 Are your line processes really #linebalanced or #rebalanced, do we have #flow#pull between processes or #push!
💪Is piece-work a short term solution or a long term disaster waiting to happen ?
💪Just focusing on operator #performance has many hidden wastes, #employeewellbeing being one of them #culturechange another not to mention the effects on customers and family members.
🍒Are your daily shift meetings too short or simply don’t happen just because there is a run on volume ?
🍒 Shall we use piece-work for management, why that is a good idea !! KPI: number of emails you respond too. Number of meetings you participate in. Number of problems solved. Number of employees you sacked. Hm, would you like this type of #managementbyobjectives approach ? Is that #respectforpeople ?

Focus on: INSPRIE – GENERATE – ENGAGE that is how to manage, all-day-everyday.
Start with a great pre-shift meeting or production meeting (see previous posts) give them #meaning and #purpose

Focus on creating #engagement#selfreliance and #problemsolvingskills with your employees, what more can you expect from an employee ?

😡 High speeds, a fatal wrong turn, cut costs, weather conditions, a dismissed key iceberg warning, lack of binoculars and lifeboats all contributed to the tragedy. How good are your rivets?

🍒Are you sure you are not using titanic leadership strategies TLS!