#Numbers or the takt?

Dear #CEO are you working to make the number or the takt?

Reflections on what is lean

Lean is the synchronisation of two wheels, the Business Progress wheel with the People Development wheel resolving problems, joined together by a fixed axle.

Lean is the active engagement of senior leadership identifying and removing MURA, MURI and MUDA in their personal behaviour and processes whilst supporting, through Daily Management, the operational associates in removing MUDA from their own activities.

Lean is a philosophy (wisdom and experience) of reducing the time line between order and delivery (payment) at the desired quality required by the client, in a safe working environment (both process and psychologically) continuously improving the competitive advantage and sustainability of the organisation, thereby making the organisational more profitable whilst easing the burden of work and increasing the engagement of employees.

“The financial results, cashflows, being the momentum of the difference between two balance sheet events, is the outcome of a lot of hard work by people working on process improvement and behaviour alignment to a desired culture, preferrably called something like “Lean DNA culture”, where a deep understanding of respect is sought and practiced, mutual trust is created and problem solving is a key to engagement, creating meaning and purpose at work”.