#Neuroscience in business

Dear #CEO 

What creates Employee meaning and purpose?

There is a new contributing wave to business Leadership excellence called neuroscience.

It has and will have many positive contributions to our understanding of workplace engagement.

I have studied the subject for many years, it is quite remarkable.

However it is not the ultimate solution to developing people and business performance.

It is only a step in knowing more about ourselves.

Do you remember the previous fads, the solutions, the silver bullets….

Six Sigma, Industry 4.0, Agile, Kata, MBO, IT system solutions, coaching, equality and diversity management, chatgpt, mentoring, scientific thinking. The list is long, all have some value, but all are limited.

Even the mighty TPS will stumble at the hands of malevolent men.

Well neuroscience is another modern day solution, another step in discovering ourselves with the hope of achieving some desired goal.

It tackles the fascinating development of our brains. If approached with ethics and unquestionable values given to man, it will make a positive contribution to mankind.

It can also serve as a dangerous set of psychological experiments on workers if used, as it will be, in the wrong hands.

Yet, I have not mentioned the true and ultimate engagement approach. The one that gives Meaning and Purposes with Business Results, where the profound enactment of trust, respect, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, joy, sharing and gratitude come into their own.

Look long and hard at the photo below.
Learn to really see and understand

Are you worthy to know how to appreciate and support the lives that work there….!?

Think about this “work is for man, not man for work…”
Extract from my book ‘Leading to Serve’.