#Lean & Sailing – what do they have in common?

Dear #CEO
True Lean is like a beautiful sailing ship.

Each sail is up and trimmed just right to obtain optimum performance.
Each crew member know their standard work. The process and quality assurance is trimmed perfectly.
Each problem is solved quickly.
When a member has a departure from standard they action the andon.
Each crew member knows how and when to respond.

  • Safety at work is paramount
  • Personal development part of our embedded habits
  • Delivery an outcome of each cycle time
  • Cost an outcome of SPQD
  • Engagement an outcome of leadership
  • Competitive advantage an outcome of the habit of self reliance
  • Celebration part of the job
  • Yokoten the habit of sharing best practice
  • Arriving at the desired goal just as important as the journey towards the goal
  • Hansei a habit of reflection leading to kaizen
  • Mapping the course with frequent check points our hoshin kanri with kpi
  • Walking the talk our genba across the ship

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Lean is a process and a set of 16 habits.