#Lean or MBO?

Dear #CEO Are you doing #lean or management by objectives #mbo?

👀 Of course, the word, doing, is what you should not be doing, but working towards building the right organisational culture for a sustainable environment of  continuous improvement in business development.

💪 The following are poor brothers, sisters and cousins of true north transitional kazien rooted in tps and the toyota way;
👎 MBO – Management by Objectives (Business School solution for sales & finance led cultures)
👎 Lean six sigma (this is only a tool, not a magic pill)
👎 #agile (really good but not a silver bullet, nor a philosophy!)
👎 #theoryofconstraints (thank goodness its a theory!)
👎 #operationalexcellence (group of consultants looking for work but looking very important!)
👎 Artifical Intelligence – #ai (too much marxist socialism reading on how to replace God with a macine!)
👎 Business Process Reengineering (Great consulting Buzz word for peddling cash out of a client!)
👎 Delayering (more consulting hype)
👎 #empowerment (there is much more, self reliance and problem solving, and you’re home!)
👎 #enterprise Resource Planning (the software company saw the money)

🍎 So many companies now talk about building a lean culture, so hear is some advice.

👀 It is evident to me that the present organisational culture follows a pattern of management by objectives – MBO. Granted, that this method provides a material stimulus for short term gains to all levels of management, but is not inducive, and in truth is not a good foundation to building a sustainable lean organisational culture.
 👀 A True North lean culture, follows the Toyota Two Wheels approach, whereby management need to understand their role in providing the direction and pace of change for continuous improvement in the business, through people development in solving problems.

👀 Respecting the present organisational culture, it will be necessary to create an #evolutionary path to a culture which is precision focused on results, but ensures, #theway those results are generated, are in keeping with the principles and values inclement of a lean culture and are never compromised.

Article inspired by recent #lean#duediligence at #genba and of course thanks to my #sensei