#Is you business navigation set up for 2024?

Dear #CEO
How good are your business navigation skills for 2024?

Sustainable (Durable) Competitive Advantage for 2024 might include some or all of the following:
A clear strategy for your Trilogy Employees, Customers, Employer.
4 primary methods: cost leadership, differentiation, defensive strategies, strategic alliances.

Your Hosin Kanri which addresses:
– Unit Sales price (based on VOC) minus margin (what we want) equals cost per unit (what it will cost us).
– Never, cost plus markup and now lets see if the client will pay for it.
– Brand Perception: (Customer) innovation, win-win, quick response
– Promise Delivered: (Employee & Customer) SPQDC
– Financial Stability; (Employer) EBITDA, reduced fixed cost into direct or indirect variable cost, stable cash-flow.

Quality Assurance by focusing on:
– New employees: selection, DOJO immersion, development buddy
– Current employees: standard work, practical problem solving, minimum Job Role – MJR, Andon, leader skills and habits, CI to obtain flow, if not use Kanban.
– Current employees senior: Daily Management Practice – DMP aligned to Hoshin, non-negotiable focus on the two wheels as a habit, strategic deployment.
– Leaving employees: enable an enriching and rewarding out process for each employee.

Build a seamless web of deserved Trust & unrelating reflection of practising Respect.

Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment should only be considered when you have a healthy organisational culture where in the least, andon is a process and we have psychological safety of the caller and engagement by the direct line supervisor. Otherwise, its just an Excel sheet that looks good.