#Is there a silver bullet to a lean transition?

Dear #CEO
There is no silver bullet to a lean transition.

There is however, a natural intended path to excellent business results its called
continuous improvement.

Now, the secret sauce is this.

The CI everyone talks about is not them, or it but YOU.

You see the business wheel will turn when the people development wheel turns, especially during root-cause problem solving. That is how you develop members and create engagement opportunities.

But you see, the problem is not scientific thinking, its about starting with your habits.

Be careful what thoughts you feed today, they lead to actions, words and become habits.

You cannot teach people values, its too late, you can however, unearth those principles, learnings, opinions and thoughts that each employee brings to work and channel them into habits.

Habits feed culture that feed results.

Which Wolf did you feed today?

Start with a bowl of hansei each morning, add kindness, joy, gratitude, hope and forgiveness, mix with some meditative prayer and set out to work.

Work is for man not man for work. Think about this in relation to respect transition respect for people quality.

Extract from my book
‘Leading to Serve’