#HR in supporting lean leaders

Dear #CEO
How good is your HR in supporting the development of lean leaders?

Just to make it clear, one of Mark Forkun diverse academic qualifications is an MBA specialised in Strategic HR.

When Toyota picked him up for his engineering and finance background they did so because he passionately believed in a values based approach to developing people in business.

They said: ‘You can develop people in Lean tools till the cows come home, but lean (AKA, TPS) will not work. You need to genuinely think, believe, understand and habitualise Leadership of lean through your habits.
That requires daily OJD of humility , kindness, peace, hansei, mendoumi, development, engagement and self reliance of process standards kaizen of self, sincerity, team building, goal focused but through a road map of demonstrating the way using the above. All day, ever day’.

Quote, unquote Toyota sensei.

HR should focus on being the Heart Rate for Leadership in lean.

Why don’t we have such HR professionals?
The message is clear, LIVE by demonstrating the above and you will then achieve the respect you expect today.

By the way, finding a lean consultant who genuinely lives the values of lean leadership (AKA, TPS) is extremely rare.

Lean is much more than scientific management , it starts with humility.

No wonder lean does not stick.

Preach lean or live lean!?