#How to be lean fit?

Dear #CEO What do we need to do to be Lean Fit?

The truth is, even first tier OEM to the motor industry are not lean, in the #tps sense of process and less still in terms of culture.
👀 I’m not knocking anyone down, but even OEM with CI teams struggle to develop process and culture tools and habits.
💪 Can I suggest, after reading some 5ths posts on Linkedin on lean over the past 5 years, there are only a handfull of real lean consultants, and I am not one of them.
💪 To be on a true #lean journey you need to be #serious. You need to #persevere, your need to have #humility, you need #courage, you need to be practice #patience you need to #believe and to #forgive but always expect some progress from your self, then from others.
💪 Intelligent, educated, successful well paid, well read leaders dont get lean. One recently told me its only for line production and cannot be applied for one off projects. Oh, where do you start when you hear this unfound garbage!
💪 Lean will deliver unbelivable results, whether it is  #leantransformation,  #kaizentransformation or a significant  #kaizen program, you need to be engaged, know your #role and certainly use an experienced #leancoach. Just as you would with learning to ski, windsurf, play golf, tennis or anything else where you are serious about getting it right.

🍒 See this photo, this guy trained, put in the dedication, got the results. Where are you on your lean fit journey ?
👀 Final suggestion. There are two books on the market you should read; The Balance of Excellence and Flatlined.
👀 There are plenty of great books on lean and business performance and leadership, lean leadership. These two stand out.
Read them, implement them, support yourself with someone who has been there are done it.

👍 You my not end up looking as good as this guy but for sure you can try to build the business so you outstrip the competition on the dance floor!