#Good books about lean

Dear #CEO what books on lean leadership would you recommend?
There are two books by two amazing people from industry Toyota and danaher.
👀 Both are written from years of Genba practice in industry
💪 Both are down to earth and practical
💪One is more focused on the lean transformation the other, in my view, more onthejob hands on operational
👍 They do not include theory or what is sometimes noted as BS!
👍I highly recommend you read both
✍️ Both present policy, tools, principles and competences which often are not correctly or fully explained by many experts.
😦 If you understand and with a good leancoach implement what is between these pages, you will wipe the competition.
😳No MBA, MLSSBB or other such qualifications required.

🍒All you need is humility to learn.