#Effective production meetings – points 7-16

Dear #CEO 

How to run Effective and Efficient Production meetings – Part three

Here I go into more detail on the final 10 , from 16 Key Points:

7. One board for safety, one for leading indicators – KPI, one for Action-to-do board. Red is NOK, Green Ok, Black for target/goal.

If your board has 32 plus columns and each represents a day, you see a trend immediately. No PP necessary. Instant results – Instant action.

8. No phone interuptions or lap tops at meeting.

Exactly, and that includes the Management and Leadership. Demonstrate Respect.

9. Any one point discussion above 2 minutes is moved over as subject for after meeting huddle group discussion.

You must keep tempo of meeting and Respect others time.

10. Go do Genchi Genbutsu if something is not clear straight after meeting.

A Key Leadership Activity within ‘Daily Management Practice” as a part of your Hoshin-Kanri obligations.

11. Rotate who runs meetings – for development of people.

Put your ego and pride aside for now and let others run the meeting.

12. Always think JIT Kanban Flow otherwise you are loosing focus.

Develop a Habit of thinking and seeing the above.

13. Always show respect and mutual trust.

Its a culture builder.

14. Meetings are not only about numbers but about relationships, smile, look people in the eye, welcome them, engage, be positive. Do TPM Total People Maintenance at meeting.

80% of delivery is an outcome of the way you run the daily meeting.

15. Turn up on time, ready to go.

This once again demonstrating Respect in Practice.

16. Thank everyone for the meeting.

That means be sincere and honest in wishing people well and supporting them during the day – Mendoumi.

Behavioural Lean is 80% of the solution to Exceeding good results.