#Effective production meetings-points 4-6

Dear #CEO
How the Art of Production meetings support the organisational culture and business performance.
Part 3 today explains in more detail points 4 to 6 from the first post.

  1. Stand-in must be if no department manager available
    If you cannot make it to the meeting you delegate a prepared member to represent your team. Never allow for a non-turn-up from your team or department. This would show a lack of respect.
  2. Facts based discussions, no opinions allowed. Focus on SPQDC.
    I often see meetings include subjective opinions, emotions and malevolence. Simply put, you are deeply failing if this happens.
  3. No notes taken during meeting, every goes on the Action-to-do board.
    Yes, no note taking. The idea is we all agree verbally and visually what and who does what by when, on the boards, utilise visual management. Use your phone to make a copy.

Pull the Andon if someone does not understand something.
Engage peoples hands, hearts and heads. Show respect, build trust. Keep focused on facts.

The production meeting is a culture and performance building Quality-Touch-Point QTC.