Discover 8 Challenges of Building a Lean Culture: The Key to Your Company’s Success!

💥 8 Reasons Why building the right Lean Organisational Culture is such a challenge!

1. DO: The Leadership Team IS the organisational culture.
Members observe what you DO and that makes the actual culture.

2. Sincerity: A virtues habit much in short supply particularly when we reach a Senior Leadership Level. Often replaced by Political correctness and now JEDI to make things worse.

3. Trust: Trust has two pillars. Competency and habitual correctness.
In other words, members see what you are good at doing and that you do it in line with the expected norms and beliefs of the organisation.

4. Respect: Respect has three pillars.
It’s how you treat the members time, their hands and, their heads.

5. Daily Management Practice – DMP:
An art in supporting members through; verifying standards and facts through Genchi Genbutsu, developing them through Genba Problem Solving, building the Tribe.

6. Mendoumi: Member care is all about showing empathy (you see, you feel you act by assisting) members.
This single habitual virtue dissipates by up to 80% with anyone who receives Power. The reasons are many. Keeping it short – no empathy, no Team, poor quality.

7. Andon: Is there to protect the Customer, because the Customer expects Quality first, Delivery second.
Andon is 80% of your Organisational Quality Culture. It’s your fundamental Quality Touch Point – QTP. Its fundamentally driven by member psychological safety.

8. Hansei: Self-Reflection. Perhaps the most difficult task of any person and the biggest problem challenge in all organisations.
Self-discernment, sincere reflection requires Humility and Integrity, a major deficit everywhere as our minds and souls are polluted by everything which is not true Kaizen of self.

🔴 Business owners and Management Boards create strategies and work hard to create the desired financial results. With a 98% success rate, The Advanced Lean Development Programme – ALDP simply delivers results with the right Organisational Culture.

Building an Advanced Lean Development culture that performs business results and keeps employees engaged is not an easy task, but then who said running a sustainable profitable, competition eliminating business is.