#Building trust between Sales and Production

Dear #CEO
“How can we build #trust between these two departments. #production team and #Sales teams are world apart from each other. Each often criticises the other side with little #motivation to work together.
This question is from our #yokoten #S&OP conference.

👍 This is a classical #londonbridge syndrom we experience when lean principles are not #engaged. Here are a just a few things to think about.
👍Does your organisational structure function in silos or as value streams?
👍How often do the two teams together practice stand-up #communication and #visualmanagement meetings?
👍Is senior and middle management aware of the #bullwhip effect which causes overburden of people and machines #muri
👍Are you monitoring overtime, last minute change overs due to “urgent client requests” do you know the true cost of constant and sudden production plan changes?
👍Where is the planning function placed, independent of sales and production or as part of production?
👍Is your bonus system geared to sales value and production volumes which will create adverse competitive behaviour within the business.
👍Are you making to order.
👍Have you agreed rules and principles with clients regarding last minute orders or changes to them?.

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