#Are you an Influencer in your company?

Dear #CEO,

Are you an Influencer?

Ok, a play on words, but I am referring to your leadership skills in engaging others.

From time to time I come across contributors who sincerely and honestly try to make positive contributions to our understanding of lean.

One such person I met is David Bovis applied neuroscience, business transformation leader.

Here are a few reflections, and notes I would like to share following a meeting we had recently.

Genba – go to the place of the brain yes, yes yes go to the place where brain is managing or not managing the standard work and…Habits (which is the basis of my 2nd book) are established wiring patterns which lead us to consider.

Single point injection (as in extrusion systems) is when one person, one lonely consultant makes the changes. That is why when Toyota sets up a plant they bring in many sensei to inject across the plant culture so how about you and your team?

Hansei and Humility are the fundamentals for change for the better of course but this is not popular right, because we need to look under the bed and confront the monsters we hide.

The myelin neuron is your electrical insulator to conduct faster nerve impulses so it follows, and stays physically, mentally, and spiritually fit, it’s a balanced diet. How about yours?

The power and influence of the language we use on the brain stimulates engagement or disengagement. what language do you use at work.

Animated storytelling – a tool that I often came across during tps development. what storytelling do you use to create wealth in understanding and engagement?

How does scientific thinking have its contribution but its limits in lean management? As I often refer lean leadership is much more than scientific thinking. Sadly, so many lean experts, how can you be better than an expert?

Kaizen oh how much we need to learn that kaizen is not an event it’s a culture as is Andon in its psychological context.

Extracts and contributions from my book ‘Leading to Serve’.