#Andon vs. Standard work

Dear #CEO 

What is the connection between Quality, Standard work, Process Memory and Andon?

If everyone is working to their own standard work in accordance with what is in their head, so called Process memory, then we have Individual Standard Process – ISP, and that is going to effect your quality of product and your cycle time.

Do team Kaizen to agree a written standard based on current best practice from the team, then do PDCA and keep improving the standard.

Don’t even use standard process charts just get the team to work it out. This builds communication, ownership and development. Formalising standard work is a process which brings the members with it.

If you really Go See, Ask Why and Show Respect, you are doing well.

Andon is more than a line cord to pull, it is a deep rooted culture change tool and principle. The purpose of Andon is for any member to call for help or to stop the process (line, project, meeting, training etc.,) if the quality of work done or information is to be compromised in line with expectations and will affect the timely delivery to the next process.

Start by practicing Andon with the management board and work down.

The Member pulling the Andon must know they will be supported. The responsive supervisor acts positively to Andon as opportunity to support, coach, develop member.

So, when engaging Andon, make sure both the member and the responsible supervisor to the member know their roles.
Andon is a profound tool and principle in changing attitudes, to quality, lead time, openness trust and respect.
Get the implementation of Andon wrong, and you could have created more chaos and mediocrity than you can imagine.