#Andon and psychological safety

Dear #CEO ,

What do ANDON and PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY have in common?

ANDON is a culture changer, why ?

Because, for ANDON to work, employees need to feel safe about speaking out, asking for support or notifying that what they are working on may not be delivered accordance with desired quality or agreed time.

ANDON is a signal used by anyone to inform direct supervisor that that there is an issue which can (process/line not stopped) or which has (has stopped process/line) influence quality and cycle time.

For ANDON to work, workers, need to feel psychologically safe which means direct line supervisors need to:

1. Respond immediately to an ANDON
2. See ANDON as an opportunity to develop member especially in area of solving problem
3. GENBA – go, see, understand, ask why, provide support
4. Show member respect
5. Thank member for pulling ANDON.
6. Show Respect at all times.
7. MENDOUMI – Show member care.

What are your employee survey results saying about engagement and motivation?
How have you introduced the Andon concept…
We would love to hear from you on this one.