#Water for Sudan

Dear #CEO
“How can we leverage our lean business experience to help others?”.
“There are experienced #consultants and #businessleaders who for very little effort could #yokotenonline for free their experience and help raise funds to build a #waterwell in #southsudan “.

🌝Lets build a #YOKOTEN water well in South Sudan. it costs 15th USD to build one water well. we want to start building it early 2022.
⛲️We have access to everything we need, accessible, clean water as for all of us a given. For many people in the world, particularly in southsudan it is not.
⛲️would you like to help?
⛲️Have you found the articles on #linkedin useful?
⛲️I am offering 4 sessions, about 5 hours of my experience and knowledge in lean leadership implementation and business improvement, #online absolutely FREE, to ANY #organisation.
🌝 All I ask is that for each session you make a donation straight to the charity who builds the water wells.
⛲️To find out more please contact me to see how you could help use your experience and time for others or how I could support your organisation
⛲️Here is the link to the water for south sudan site https://www.llw-institute.com/water-for-south-sudan-2/

Lets get into a #motivatedmindset and make an effort to build a #organisationalculture #change set of interventions to help others change their lives for the better.